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    Big Fork Brands is a family-owned company based in Chicago that focuses on innovating the culinary experience by producing food products like their flexitarian sausage, bacon sausage, craft pork jerky, pork snack sticks, and, most importantly, The Original Chicago Sauce. Packed with flavor and made with care by Lance Avery, each and every one of the Big Fork products in our collection from The Original Chicago Sauce to their Craft Pork Snack Sticks is sure to delight. If you’re looking not only for high-quality food products but for a new brand that you can fall in love with, try Big Fork Foods for yourself today!

    3 products
    Chicago Sauce Nutrition Label by Big Fork Brands
    The Original Chicago Sauce
    Big Fork Brands
    Craft Pork Sticks by Big Fork Brands
    Maple Pepper Pork Snack Stick Nutrition Label by Big Fork Brands
    Craft Pork Snack Stick
    Big Fork Brands
    Craft Pork Snack Sticks 2-Pack by Big Fork Brands
    Craft Pork Snack Sticks - 2 Pack
    Big Fork Brands

    Lance Avery of Big Fork Brands

    Big Fork Brands is a Chicago-based, family-owned company centered on innovation. They work with small family farmers in Iowa who raise heritage hogs outdoors without the use of antibiotics. These hogs live a good life with continuous access to the outdoors. They are considered the 3%, since 97% of the hogs raised in Iowa come from confined feedlots.

    Why not feedlots??? For these three distinct reasons:

    1. Community - confined feedlots stink!
    2. Environment - confined feedlots often contaminate the local watershed
    3. Humanitarian – our hogs have 24hrs outside access, humanly. They like to say happy hogs make great tasting sausage, jerky, and meat sticks.

    Clean label, great tasting products, with a unique twist, that's Big Fork.

    Born and raised in Iowa, Lance learned at an early age the importance the pork industry has on his native state. After several business attempts, Lance focused his efforts by combining his upbringing as an Iowan and his culinary expertise in Chicago to launch Big Fork. With his background as a chef and the passion of an entrepreneur, Lance set out to become the new sausage king of Chicago. Seeing the decline of quality sausage back in 2010 Lance came up with the idea of combining two great meats, bacon & sausage together to create a singular super meat called Bacon Sausage. Since then, Lance has continued to expand the Big Fork Food line by launching a new flexitarian pork sausage and a Chicago-centric sauce, The Original Chicago Sauce. Big Fork has been featured on QVC, Inc., Esquire, Food & Wine, The Chicago Tribune, WGN, WGN Radio, CBS, and Fox.

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