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Goodbye boring taste buds; hello memorable food moments! All thanks to one-of-a-kind
products from the best local and emerging culinary talent.
At Here Here Market, no matter what the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Featured Products

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Everything Sauce from Mott St
Everything Sauce
Mott St
Morita Salsa Macha by Chef Rishi
Morita Salsa Macha
Macha by Chef Rishi
Roasted Tomato Salsa Verde from Tomato Bliss
Roasted Tomato Salsa Verde
Tomato Bliss
SydSauce Original
Umani Ssam Sauce from Mott St
Umami Ssam Sauce
Mott St
Heaven's Honey Local Honey
Local Illinois Clover Honey
Heaven's Honey
The Original Chicago Sauce
Big Fork Brands
Apple Butter
Twidley Bits
Shito Sauce by AYO Foods
Shito Sauce
AYO Foods
from $8.00
Hot Giardiniera by Gravylady
Hot "G" - Hot Giardiniera
Holiday Gifting!
Spread some cheer this holiday season with curated gifts from local culinary creators!
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More Flavor with Mott St!
Unlock a world of culinary options with Mott St's delicious sauces.
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Food Gift Boxes

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Basic Bitchen: Joey's Beloved Chi-town Basics with Book
Basic Bitchen: Joey's Beloved Chi-town Basics
Basic Bitchen: Joey's Beloved Chi-town Basics
Here Here Market
from $40.00
Basic Bitchen: The Ultimate Seasonal Snacks & Spreads Pack
Here Here Market
from $95.00
Tiny Tour De Chicago
Here Here Market
Exclusive Restaurant Tour
Here Here Market
Deluxe Master Sweets, Please
Here Here Market

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Discover Artisanal Products

With artisanal ingredients from around the country, including many from our home base of Chicago, food gift boxes bring the magic of the best local bakers, chefs, and mixologists right to your door.

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Connect with Local Culinary Creators

Get to know our creators through their digital stores, stories, pop-up-markets, culinary experiences, and more! From artisan chefs to culinary experts, our creators have a lot to offer, and we continually work to share their creations and talent with you in new ways. Make sure to check Instagram for the latest updates!

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Buy products and access unique content exclusive to Here Here Market. We’re bringing you exciting collaborations you won’t find anywhere else!

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Reviews from Our Customers


The Fermentum Giardiniera is really good. I shared it with a friend who loves this and he was really impressed!

Twisp, WA

I love Here Here Market! This makes it so easy for me to buy from local and independent food businesses.

Chicago, IL

Chef Rishi's Macha is AMAZING! I use it anytime I cook and it's great with grilled meats and seafood.

Chicago, IL

I bought products from amazing female creators as corporate gifts & they were a HIT! Highly recommend Here Here Market's products to provide something unique that supports local business

St. Louis, MO

Discover the World of Macha

Salsa Macha is a versatile, nutty, and delightful condiment that will quickly become your go-to pantry grab for extra flavor! Try all three of Chef Rishi's flavors to elevate your culinary experience.
Tasting India

True Indian Flavor

Meet the Creators

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Flavored Pasta without Preservatives

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Tomato Basil Fettuccini from Pasta Pappone
Tomato Basil Fettuccini
Pasta Pappone
Mighty Mushroom Linguini from Pasta Pappone
Mighty Mushroom Linguini
Pasta Pappone
Summer Citrus Trio from Pasta Pappone
Citrus Trio
Pasta Pappone
Garlic Onion Fettuccini from Pasta Pappone
Garlic & Onion Fettuccini
Pasta Pappone
Citrus Linguini from Pasta Pappone
Citrus Linguini
Pasta Pappone