Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services do you offer?

At Here Here Market, we offer artisanal food products and delightful gift boxes from emerging culinary creators. The food products we offer are designed to suit a wide variety of taste buds and dishes, ranging from tomato soup to Kansas City-style barbecue sauce and even Chicago-style hot fermented giardiniera. We also specialize in connecting users with emerging culinary creators through online cooking experiences, including classes, demonstrations, and more!

Can you ship outside of the Chicago area and can you work with culinary experts outside of Chicago?

Yes, we can ship outside of Chicago! We currently ship (and book culinary experiences) nationwide throughout the United States.

Also, if you’re a culinary expert who operates outside of Chicago, we’d love to work with you and expand our regional footprint! Reach out via phone, email, or our contact page to learn more.

What should I do if I want to sell a gift box or can’t find something I’m looking for in your marketplace?

If you’re interested in selling your culinary creations in our hospitality marketplace, or if you can’t find a particular product, get in touch! We’ll do our best to respond within 24 to 36 hours.

Also, please note that more curated products and packages are coming to our marketplace soon! You can join our mailing list to be among the first to find out about our next package release.

How many gift boxes can I order at one time?

You can order as many as you’d like! Because we do work with small-batch producers, some boxes may have limited immediate quantities available, so if you wish to buy 10 baskets or more, we ask that you email us your order at

I want to buy individual products rather than a gift box. Where do I go?

If you’re interested in buying specific products instead of a large gift box, please visit our Shop page here.