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    Jeff Mauro of Mauro ProvisionsLike all great start-ups, Mauro Provisions began the true Chicago Way, in Jeff's basement with a whole bunch of meat, peppers & family. Anyone who has followed his career on Food Network for the past 10 years knows that Jeff's passion for his hometown of Chicago, IL runs very very deep. The people, the neighborhoods, the history, the FOOD! It was a no brainer, he took Chicago's greatest culinary gifts; Italian Beef, Italian Sausage & his famous Giardiniera and put his Sandwich King spin on it, with USDA Prime meats, premium ingredients and generations-old recipes. He says he will not settle, will not stop, will NOT REST until the world has the opportunity to experience a spoonful of their Best Selling craft giardiniera; bursting with a colorful cornucopia or 5-types of peppers, 5 types of veggies all pickled, fermented and packed in luxurious oil. Mauro Provisions is real food that he has spent the last year creating and I stand behind every darn bite.


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