Spicy Artichoke & Beer Dip

This phenomenally spicy and creamy dip is a great pre-dinner option to add to your appetizer table or unique charcuterie board accompaniment for the holiday season. When creating this dish, we wanted something warm, flavorful, and an upgraded version of your standard warm dip varieties. We love that the heat comes from multiple sources - dried spices, fresh jalapeño, and S.K.Y.'s high-quality Habanero Hot Sauce, and the unexpected combination of marinated artichoke hearts and notes of IPA beer.

Pair this gooey mixture with fresh, toasted slices of baguette, crowd-pleasing soft pretzel bites, your favorite tortilla chips, or with some crispy crackers! Some of our top cracker selections include Chia Leah's Clean Crackers, a simple combination of seeds and spices that are filled with antioxidants, proteins, fibers, and healthy fats to fuel your body. We also cannot get enough of Every Body Eat's Sea Salt Chia Allergen-Friendly Snack Thins - a roasty, toasty, nutty-flavored vehicle for enjoying all the dip goodness.

For adventurous eaters looking to tweak the flavor profile a bit, substitute Pickled Prince's Peach Habanero Hot Sauce for S.K.Y.'s signature hot sauce in the recipe. This small-batch-made hot sauce is a beautifully balanced sauce with a nice sweet heat. All unusual hot sauce fans out there will not only appreciate its addition to this yummy dip but will also enjoy adding this bottle to their hot sauce collection for enjoying with eggs, grilled chicken, quesadillas, and so much more.

Looking for other charcuterie board recommendations? Check out Nemi Snacks, a crunchy and flavor-packed cactus snack that comes in four Mexican-inspired flavors using mercado-fresh spices and fresh ingredients. While any of the savory flavors would be a great addition to your cheese and meat board, we think the Smoky Chipotle flavor would be amazing to pair with this spicy dip.


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