5 Ways Corporations Can Support Local

So you work for a large, multinational corporation but really love your local community and want to find ways to support your favorite local business? 

Well, lucky you — VDC Market’s team has got your back and has collaborated with our local food & beverage partners to share ways companies have supported their small businesses in the past. Check out their 5 insider tips on how to #supportlocal: 

Corporate Food Local

Supporting Local During Events
Whether your company is likely to host frequent or semi-frequent events like team building experiences, all-hands meetings, orientations, workshops, you name it..we believe that when there’s an event, there should always be great food (or drinks)! 

Yes, you could go with a large chain to fuel your team, but why not take hosting as an opportunity to support local? Next time you order, order directly from a local business and not only are you likely to save on expenses, but there’s also a high probability that you’ll get better food, which is always a win-win. 

Conscious Corporate Gifting
Whether it’s for the holidays, an employee milestone, or as part of a recruiting package, it’s likely your company is sending gifts to people for a host of different reasons! Many local businesses have one-of-a-kind packaged food & beverage products that can be shipped nationally, sharing a curated taste of a local community.

Local Catering
Anyone who works in an office knows that meetings are the name of the game! Breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, and dare we say… dinner meetings. While it may be tempting to make that easy Chipotle order, take a second to think about who else you could order from. There are likely a number of local businesses that would love to feed your team.

Employee Rewards Programs
Recognition and reward is the name of the game in many performance-based companies. What better way to celebrate employees for a job well done than with beloved artisanal products from a local business? Next time you want to thank your team, do it with a chimichurri from their favorite steakhouse or coffee from a women-owned roaster…the options are endless!

Client Appreciation
Winning over new clients and maintaining relationships is just as important today as it ever was. Your clients are people too, which means they probably love supporting local businesses as well ;)  Next time you have a client event, impress them by helping them discover that local business gem that will have them talking (and enjoying the gift) for weeks!

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