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    Habanero Hot Sauce by S.K.Y.
    S.K.Y. Habanero Hot Sauce

    Stephen Gillanders of S.K.Y. Hot Sauce

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stephen Gillanders grew up with his grandmother “Granny” and spent much of his time in the kitchen with her. His formal began his culinary training at the age of 15 when his mother saw an article for a teen cooking class at a local culinary arts school. While studying in Las Vegas, Gillanders won the title of San Pellegrino’s ‘Almost Famous’ Chef competition. This national cooking contest, designed to help students learn firsthand from some of the world’s most famous culinary personalities about what it takes to a successful chef, provided Gillanders a wealth of opportunities and exposure, including an appearance on Today and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He worked under Chef Jean for 10 years  and then moved on to open several restaurants domestically and abroad as Corporate Chef for the group. While preparing to open S.K.Y. , his first solo venture, Chef Stephen joined Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises’ INTRO, for a chef-in-residence position. Stephen stayed at Intro for a year and a half before his desire to open his own restaurant (S.K.Y.) took over. Now Chef Gillanders has set off on his own, with the debut of S.K.Y. His cuisine is global-contemporary, but not fine dining, and will focus on the dishes he has been most inspired by from his travels around the world.


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