Grill-Roasted Flank Steak with Morita Salsa Macha

Jazz up your grilling game with this delicious flank steak recipe featuring Morita Salsa Macha, a do-anything condiment from Mexico. This inspired sauce from Chef Rishi has it all - nutty taste, thick consistency, and a whole lotta tasty spice! Morita Salsa Macha’s complex flavor profile perfectly complements this quality cut of tender meat, without overpowering it. The chipotle, Tatume squash, black garlic, and heirloom tomato components come together to create a well-rounded dish that allows the centerpiece to truly shine. Guests of all ages, taste levels and backgrounds will enjoy feasting on this restaurant-quality meal at your next intimidate dinner party or celebratory gathering.

This up-and-coming condiment originally hails from the Veracruz area but is now a well-known piece of Mexico's constantly evolving and dynamic cuisine. Salsa Macha's use is limitless and can add some much-needed dimension to any ordinary dish. Some of our favorite ways to use it (besides this recipe) are alongside fresh fish, tossed with your preferred seasonal vegetables, slathered fried egg sandwich, or as a dip for toasted bread. You cannot go wrong adding Salsa Macha to any and all of your meals!

Want to explore more of the Macha by Chef Rishi range? Check out his Verde Salsa Macha and Pasilla Oaxaqueno-Pepitas offerings. The cilantro-based Verde Salsa Macha is a fan-favorite and not one to miss. Hazelnuts and serrano chilis mix with the cilantro to create a richer version of the classic salsa verde. On the other hand, the Pasilla Oaxaqueno-Pepitas packs an unexpected punch with its unique chili taste and pepitas texture. Its smoky, almost meaty, flavor profile paired with sesame garlic and dried herbs add an element of surprise that is sure to delight.

Try out our mouth-watering Grill-Roasted Flank Steak recipe below and let us know how it goes in the comments!


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