5 Impressive Cocktail Garnish Inspirations

Garnishes can add to the enjoyment of the flavor and visual of a cocktail – alcoholic or not. If you want to take a break from peeling citruses or spanking herbs, Here Here Market has some ideas for simple, yet impressive garnishes to include on the beverage menu this holiday season. Each of these tasty treats were crafted by culinary creators on a mission to bring unique products to the home chef’s bar and pantry.

Dried Fruit
Sometimes when you’re preparing for guests, garnishes can be left to the last minute or even forgotten! Keeping fresh ingredients around the house can make for some tough timing too. If you’re looking to add apple pie, watermelon, or pineapple flavors to your beverages, look no further than Watermelon Road!

Candy and Confections
Wintertime and the holidays often mean people want to cozy up with a Hot Toddy, Rumchata Egg Nog, or Mulled Wine. Some of these sweet and savory delights need a little something, something to top them off – and a marshmallow sliver or candy bite can make the glass shine. Take a look at Nikki Darling Confections for some extra special holiday sweets to help cozy up this season.

Something Savory
Some people have a sweet tooth, and then there are those who live the salty, crunchy, savory life! If you want to add an impressive and unexpected garnish to your next cocktail night, look no further than Think Jerky or Big Forks Brands. Slice them, dice them, and add them to the rim or a toothpick to add an extra bite to your beverages.

Salt, Spice, and Everything Nice
It might be a classic move to rim a cocktail glass with salt or a salt/sugar mix, but what about using a craft salt or blend? Whether you want to add a hit of smokey, jalapeno, lemon, or rosemary flavor to your beverages – small batch creators like Pixie Dust Salts and El Che have got you covered. 

Enhancement Kits
Last but not least, craft creators like AirBar26 have prepared kits that have all the accoutrements anyone could need to make the PERFECT Bloody Mary. Save yourself some time and have an emergency cocktail enhancement kit on hand, ready to save the day!

Maraschino cherries, stuffed olives, lime wedges, lemon wedges, orange slices and whipped cream are the six primary cocktail garnishes we all know and love! We hope that this list has inspired you to pick up some new garnishes to try. Check out all our products for other inspirations to brighten your holiday season.

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