New Zealand-Style Scones

Have you given New Zealand-style scones a try yet? These mouth-watering scones are similar to American-style biscuits and best enjoyed hot with creamy butter or your favorite jam. When making scones, be sure to start with cold ingredients. Put your butter in the freezer fifteen minutes before you begin, refrigerate your tools and ingredients before baking, and make sure that even your bowl is nice and cold beforehand! This recipe is a great way to expand your baking knowledge and share your new skills with friends and family. If you want to change up this basic recipe, try adding cheese and chives into the mix (after step two) for a savory flavor combination or add dried fruits (like dates or raisins) for a touch more sweetness.

If you are looking to go all out with this scone recipe, enjoy them with Twidley Bits' sensational homemade jams! Pick from three delicious flavors, Strawberry Prosecco, Blueberry Fig, and Grandma Wilma's Favorite (a delightful mix of sweet blackberries and tart raspberries) for a delicious and filling snack or breakfast option. Once you have found your favorite topping, pair these scrumptious scones with a high-quality tea blend for a true 'treat yourself' experience. A caffeinated option we love to enjoy on those non-coffee days is Gaslight Coffee Roasters' Kodoma Sencha Green Tea. This flavorful blend combines deep, expressive umami with a vibrant, fresh aroma and green infusion for a true testament to its presence. Notes of toasted nori, sesame, and honeydew complete this well-balanced blend's profile that pairs well with this recipe and so many other breakfast staples.

These scones, plus our phenomenal jam and hot tea offerings, also make a splendid gift for new neighbors, first-time parents, or provide a fun way for you to host your afternoon tea with friends.


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