Leftover Turkey Fried Rice

Keep the Thanksgiving festivities going until Christmas with this absolutely delicious Leftover Turkey Fried Rice from friend of Here Here Market, Chef Michael Armstrong. This upgraded answer to the age-old question, 'what can we do with all these leftovers?!' will blow your classic Thanksgiving leftover sandwich out of the water! Simply mix together your leftovers and add some common household ingredients, and voilà, Black Friday dinner is served with minimal effort and all the phenomenal flavors of a Thanksgiving feast. The addition of Pixie Dust Salts' Rosemary Sage Sea Salt is a tasty way to enhance the fall flavors found in classic stuffing recipes and bring this dish together - these hand-cured small-batch sea salts are created with the freshest local ingredients and are an excellent finisher to most meals. This recipe serves 2-4 people, depending on if you serve this as a main or side dish.

Wanting to spice up your post-holiday meal? Try adding Kimski's Chili Crisp Oil on top of this fried rice for a flavor-packed dish that packs on the heat and cuts through some of the saltiness. You will also love having this essential jar of chili oil stocked in your pantry for upgrading your fried eggs, pasta dishes, stir-fries, and potato salad recipes. Chef Won's spicy, salty, crunchy, chili oil is a must-have for home chefs who love adding spicy dimensions to everyday meals.

In need of a stuffing dish for your Thanksgiving table? Give this Wild Mushroom Stuffing recipe from This Little Goat a try! We can't get enough of this savory side dish's combination of brioche bread, wild mushrooms, and This Little Goat went to Hong Kong everything sauce - a yummy combination of ginger, garlic, and spicy chilies. Guests will be wowed by the unexpected and elevated version of Thanksgiving stuffing.


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