Here Here Market: Where Culinary Creators Come First

Where can you find Mott St.’s miso caramel, Monteverde gnoccheti, El Che's exclusive Firewatcher Seasoning, Pasta Pappone’s Thai Citrus Ginger Linguini, AYO Foods' Shito Sauce; curated gift boxes; and so much more all in one spot? HERE! Actually Here Here Market, to be precise.

Here Here Market is a boutique marketplace for true food enthusiasts and a launchpad for the next generation of culinary entrepreneurs. With more than 800+ hand-picked products, our boutique online bazaar connects epicures and restaurant fans with over 150 of the Midwest’s most exciting culinary creators and artisanal food offerings from chefs, cooks, mixologists, and purveyors. 

Founded by Disha Gulati, a CPG veteran and Nicholas Florek, co-builder of Relish Works, a food industry innovation hub, the goal of our marketplace platform is to support the food and beverage industry by enabling culinary creators to bring their talent and products directly to the world.

The pandemic forced restaurants and chefs to devise new ideas to reach diners and foodies. Many turned to digital platforms as a path to stability and a way to connect to consumers directly. A new wave of products and non-traditional vehicles were born. Here Here Market is proud to be one such innovation.

Early in 2020, co-founders Gulati and Florek, sought to help diners and restaurants with group dining needs, but as the pandemic forced restaurants to shutter physical locations, the team paused and switched gears. They shifted to enable restaurateurs and food and beverage talent to monetize their expertise and skills by reaching consumers directly online.

“The mission of Here Here Market is twofold: it’s a place where consumers can discover bespoke artisanal culinary creations or the perfect gift for food-centric friends, even taking part in culinary experiences that connect chefs directly with their fans,” says Gulati. “And, because Here Here Market is a creator platform focused exclusively on culinary talent, it provides a centralized hub where creators can generate additional revenue, build brand exposure, scale, and establish sincere and fruitful collaborations. 

Here Here Market is committed to supporting the independent culinary entrepreneur and disrupting the systems standing in their way. We envision a world where consumers feel a connection to the creators bringing high-quality food and beverage experiences into their everyday lives. To this we say, here here!

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