The Mighty Mushroom: Dinner Ideas, Recipe Tips, & More!

A variety of mushrooms on a wooden table
Mushrooms are having a moment, so we decided to share some of our favorite mushroom dinner ideas with our amazing community! Once you discover the best ways to eat mushrooms, you’ll find that they’re incredibly versatile, not to mention delicious and nutritious. Packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants, low in calories, and bursting with rich, umami flavor, it’s no surprise that ‘shrooms are trending in a major way.

Elevate Pasta Dishes

A person serving a mushroom pasta dish

There’s nothing like a hearty pasta dish when you’re craving comfort food, and mushrooms can be the perfect focal point of your Italian feast. Pasta Pappone offers a flavored mushroom linguini that makes a delectable base for your favorite sauce. 

We recommend this easy creamy mushroom sauce if you’re seeking Italian mushroom dinner ideas with a flavor profile that’s a tad more unique than the usual red sauce. Add some Black Truffled Tapenade to achieve mushroom pasta perfection!

  • Sauté mushrooms, onions, and butter until golden brown.
  • Stir in a bit of flour to create a roux.
  • Whisk cream or milk into the mixture. 
  • Boil the sauce gently until it reaches your desired thickness.
  • Add plenty of black pepper and salt to taste.

Make Portobello Mushroom Burgers

A person adding toppings to a portobello mushroom cap burger

Plant-based eating is becoming incredibly popular these days, and using portobellos in place of meat is one of the best ways to eat mushrooms, especially for those who follow a vegetarian/vegan diet. 

Portobello mushroom caps are the perfect size to use as a burger patty, and you’ll be blown away by the meaty texture and flavor! This is one of the best mushroom dinner ideas for backyard grilling sessions, but you can make them on the stove or in the oven too.

  • Marinate your portobello mushroom caps in umami-rich liquids, such as soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, or Worcestershire sauce (or all of the above).
  • Add seasonings, such as garlic, onion powder, and black pepper (feel free to get creative).
  • Grill, sauté, bake, or broil them until they’re fully browned.
  • Dress them with your favorite burger fixin’s.

You can also prepare diced mushrooms the same way to make a meat-free Philly cheesesteak! Try adding onions, peppers, and cheese, and then serve the mixture on sub rolls.

Add Mushrooms to All of Your Favorite Recipes

A pan with sautéed mushrooms

If you’re not quite sure how to cook mushrooms properly, don’t worry! As you experiment with mushroom dinner ideas, you’ll find that they’re hard to mess up. If you forget about them, they’re very resilient and will retain their texture and flavor even when “overcooked.” Taste test as you go, and you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Mushrooms are extremely versatile and can add rich umami to so many different dishes. An easy go-to recipe is to simply sauté them in butter or olive oil with garlic. They’re delicious on their own or served with rice or pasta, or you can add them to omelets, stir-fries, pizza, risottos, curries, salads, and soups, just to name a few mushroom dinner ideas.

Pro Tips:

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These are some of the best ways to eat mushrooms, but the possibilities are endless! We hope these mushroom dinner ideas help you with your next culinary creation. While you’re shopping for mushroomy ingredients, be sure to browse all of our exquisite food products to find unique but accessible flavors to make every meal unforgettable. Follow our culinary blog for more recipes, ideas, tips, and more!

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