The 10 Best Gourmet Food Gifts

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Here Here Market is your one-stop-shop for the best gourmet food gifts for the best people in your life! From eclectic culinary gift baskets to unforgettable virtual culinary experiences, we make finding the perfect present for any event a fun and easy affair. Here are 10 tasty ideas to get you started.

1. Sauce, Spice, & Everything Nice

Our Sauce, Spice, & Everything Nice gift box is the perfect option when you want some serious selection. After all, variety is the spice (and sauce) of life! This basket is packed with bold, exciting flavors that are unique but still accessible. Whether the recipient is a proud connoisseur or a casual snacker, they’re going to adore this mouthwatering collection!

2. Amp Your AM: All The Caffeine Please

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We’re known for carrying the best gourmet food gifts, but we haven’t forgotten about the sippers out there. Our Amp Your AM: All The Caffeine Please collection is the ultimate gift for anyone who could use a pick-me-up in the morning. For those who prefer tea, we also have an Amp Your AM: Tea Kit.

3. LFK 4-Pack Gift Set

When it comes to culinary gift baskets, seasonings are always a great choice. After all, you can never have too many. Our LFK 4-Pack Gift Set is perfect for anyone who could use some extra oomph in their cooking, but even seasoned (no pun intended) chefs will appreciate it. This is one of the best gourmet food gifts simply because it packs so much delicious flavor and variety.

4. Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle Kit

For the coffee and tea connoisseur who has seemingly tried it all, our exclusive Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle Kit offers a totally unique experience. Combine the bold, carefully curated flavors of Tasting India’s Cutting Masala Chai and Cardamom Filter Coffee with the luxury of our gorgeous brass drinkware and coffee filter sets. This is a delightful gift that brings a little taste of India right to your loved one’s door!

5. Smoked Old Fashioned Kit

A hand pouring whiskey into a cocktail glass

Our Smoked Old Fashioned Kit includes everything you need to make a world-class smoked old fashioned, including a premium-quality set of Crafthouse by Fortessa glassware that’s valued at over $120! This is one of the best gourmet food gifts for cocktail enthusiasts, as the bar tools can be used again and again long after the last drop is sipped.

6. Salsa Macha Trio

One of the best parts about culinary gift baskets is that you can introduce the recipient to new flavors. Our Salsa Macho Trio features all three varieties of Chef Rishi’s unbelievably tasty macha sauces. Nutty, spicy, and bursting with rich flavors, these versatile condiments are truly a game-changer.

7. Colorful Heirloom Tomato Trio

For lovers of the fruit that prefers to play with the veggies, our Colorful Heirloom Tomato Trio is undeniably the best of the best gourmet food gifts fathomable. Tomato Bliss clearly recognizes the beautiful flavor of a tomato, so the ingredients are simple in the best way: heirloom tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, and black pepper. Yum.

8. Classic Bloody Mary Enhancing Kit

A classic Bloody Mary cocktail in front of a bar setup

Give your loved ones the gift of a classic cocktail with a twist! The Classic Bloody Mary Enhancing Kit from AirBar26 has everything they need to elevate their mixology experience. Plus, this carefully curated selection of sauces, spices, and toppings comes in your choice of a convenient tin box or mason jar—perfect for the traveler in your life!

9. Premium AAPI Creators Collection

Sometimes the best gourmet food gifts are the ones that support a great cause. Our Premium AAPI Creators Collection is packed with a variety of premium ingredients, including 1 full gram of saffron. Best of all, a portion of sales from these culinary gift baskets will be donated to Asian Americans Advancing Justice. #StopAsianHate

10. Female Founders Food Collection

Last but certainly not least, our Female Founders Food Collection highlights the work of some of Chicago’s top female culinary masters. Just like our diverse community, this gift basket is so eclectic, and each piece brings something special to the table.

Celebrate Life Events with Our Delicious Gifts

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Whatever the occasion, the best gourmet food gifts come from the heart. We’re proud to offer high-quality food products and culinary gifts made by amazing culinary creators who use only the finest ingredients. Treat them to something memorable—shop Here Here Market for unforgettable gifts!

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