🌸 Picks for Moms by Moms: A Mothers Day Gift Guide Straight from Our Creators 🌸

Mother's Day is sneaking up on us, and if you're anything like me, you're probably looking for something a little more inspired than the usual flowers and card combo. So, we asked the coolest mom-creators at Here Here Market for their top picks—stuff they actually love and use. Spoiler alert: they've got some killer taste!

Perteet Spencer, Ayo Foods - SydPlayEat’s Truffle Salt

Perteet from Ayo Foods swears by SydPlayEat’s Allium Truffle Salt. It's like fairy dust for your food, turning the simplest meals into something fancy.  'It's delicious on everything,' she says, perfect for the mom who likes a little luxury on her fries or popcorn during movie night!

Katherine Duncan, Katherine Anne Confections - Stellar Granola

Katherine of Katherine Ann Confections has a secret indulgence and it’s Stellar Granola! “It’s my joyous escape—a better-for-you snack that I enjoy straight out of the bag,” she shares. “The crunch, the coconut, the deeply-roasted flavor, it’s so delicious. I didn’t share with my children.” It’s Ideal for moms who cherish a quiet, delicious moment to themselves.

Kiley Fields, For Good Granola - Steepers Only Comfort Teas

For Good Granola's Kiley picks Steepers Only teas to unwind. Tea is more than just a beverage for Kiley; it's a ritual of comfort. “Whether I am coming down from a non-stop work day or a weekend filled with family activity, a cup of tea at the end of the day, centers me” she explains. With ingredients like Chamomile and Lavender, these teas are like meditation in a cup—perfect for moms needing a tranquil timeout.

Lisa Marsh, Ms. P's Gluten Free & Sydney Poll, SydPlayEat - Carolyn’s Krisps

Lisa from Ms. P’s Gluten Free and Sydney from SydPlayEat rave about Carolyn's Krisps for their versatility and health benefits. Lisa praises these crispy treats for aligning with her mission of producing nutritious, gluten-free snacks. “These wonderful little bites also remind us of our own mission of producing delicious, nutritious and healthy gluten-free snacks that are good for us” she comments. “A thoughtful gift for health-conscious moms."

Sydney shares her love for Carolyn’s Cheddar Krisps as the perfect family-friendly snack. “This is my favorite snack for moms as well as kids…We love to eat them straight out of the bag or even in one of my son’s snack cups. We love topping them with SydSauce or dipping them into hummus.” They're just perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Kalpana Waikar, Inspired Indian Cooking - Soul & Smoke’s BBQ Sauce

Kalpana, the spice guru from Inspired Indian Cooking, says “Here Here Market has so many amazing Mother’s Day gift options, but the product I always have in my pantry is the Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce by Soul & Smoke.” She uses it on everything from chicken to paneer, proving a good sauce can kick any dinner up a notch. “It’s my secret to quick, delicious meals,” she admits. Whether used as a marinade or a salad dressing, “it’s a kitchen hero for busy moms."

Heather Bublick, Soul and Smoke - Katherine Anne's Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate Mix

Heather of Soul & Smoke opts for Katherine Anne's Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate Mix for those moments when mom deserves to indulge. “It brings me so much joy. It's decadent and delicious. Highly recommend making it the "Chicago Style" way, where you replace some of the milk with cream. It's seriously ridiculous. “

We Approve of Mom's Approved

There you have it—gifts that come with a mom’s seal of approval, promising not just quality but a sprinkle of personal joy. This Mother's Day, give a gift that's been tested and loved by the very best. To all the moms out there, thank you for everything!

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Gifting!

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