Gourmet Pantry Collection

Gourmet Pantry Collection
Gourmet Pantry Collection
Raw Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Village Batch
Organic Classic Black Beans by 8 Track Foods
Gourmet Pantry Collection
Gourmet Pantry Collection
Gourmet Pantry Collection
SydSauce Original by SydPlayEat
Madagascar Vanilla Extract by Spice House
Gourmet Pantry Collection
Gourmet Pantry Collection
Koeze Sweet Ella&

Gourmet Pantry Collection

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You don't need to be a seasoned chef to create a masterpiece in the kitchen. With the ingredients in our Gourmet Pantry Assortment, you can easily create a delectable dish in the comfort of your own home! This delicious assortment consists of spices, seasonings, and more chef-worthy pantry staples. It's also a thoughtful gift for new homeowners, recent college graduates, or first-time parents who could use one less thing to worry about. 

Whip up a mouthwatering pasta dinner with Dalla Terra Pasta's Heirloom Garlic Radiatori, made with the highest quality semolina flour and infused with rich garlic for a serious depth of flavor. Pair this with the simplicity of Raw Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Village Batch for a Michelin star-worthy meal. 

If you're looking for a way to make your store-bought salmon taste like it came from a steakhouse, you're in luck. Opt to marinate your fillets in a light coating Heart Soul Heat's Ghost Honey, a deliciously spicy hot honey blend made from 100% raw ingredients. It is bold and flavorful without overpowering your base flavors. To accompany your fish, roast tender asparagus spears or crispy brussels sprouts seasoned with Gibsons Seasoning Salt from Gibsons Steakhouse to spoil your tastebuds. This Seasoning Salt is a combination of their famous blend of spices and a pinch of sea salt that's been used in their restaurants for over 25 years. And to accompany your meats, toss a quick, fresh salad in Saffi Saana's, Dark Balsamic Vinegar, with flavor notes of black currants, dark berries, and jam.

Incorporate 8 Track Foods Organic Classic Black Beans as your protein of choice in your tacos, burritos, or black bean burger patties. All canned beans are not made equal, and these black beans are locally and organically grown, meaning they are non-GMO and hearty in flavor. Top your tacos or black bean burgers with SydSauce from SydPlayEat for a little heat and robust flavor for the finishing touch. 

Did someone say fall baking? Create some magical desserts this season with Madagascar Vanilla Extract from The Spice House and Matara Sri Lanka Ground Cinnamon from Heray Spice. This premium quality Vanilla Extract will make each cookie or cupcake taste like it's fresh from the bakery, and the Matara Sri Lanka Ground Cinnamon, a variety that's been grown for thousands of years on the lands of Sri Lanka, will be the star of the show in your cinnamon rolls or banana bread. Add a little bit of crunch on top of your pastries with Nutkrack's Classic Candied Pecans or Koeze Company's Crunchy Peanut Butter for a sweet and salty complex flavor, and you have yourself a work of art. 

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Meet The Creators:   

 Peter, Anthony and Alex Boutsikakis of Village Batch  8 Track Foods by Maggie Sadowsky Raoul Benavides of Heart Soul Heat Sam McDaniel of Nutkrack Ben Gustashaw of Gibsons Foods LLC  Sydney Karp Poll headshot  Jared Hunt and Scott Friske of Chicago Maple     Dave and Dan of Spice House       Mohammed Salehi headshot  Kara Buffardi by Saffi Saana Don Cumming of Koeze Company
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