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    Afghani saffron is often called the “Queen of Spices” and “Red Gold” because of its elegant flavor profile, lovely aroma, powerful health benefits, and worldwide prestige. Heray Spice sells authentic, artisan saffron that’s grown naturally and harvested by hand by co-op farmers at a co-op in Herat. A luxurious addition to sweet and savory dishes alike, a little bit of saffron goes a long way. This is such a wonderful opportunity to add something special to your spice collection. All hail the Queen!

    3 products
    Afghani Saffron from Heray Spice
    Heray Saffron
    Afghani Saffron
    Heray Spice
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    Afghani Cumin Seeds from Heray Spice
    Afghani Wild Mountain Cumin Seeds
    Heray Spice
    Saffron from Heray Spice
    Afghani Saffron (1 oz.)
    Heray Spice

    Mohammed Salehi headshot

    Mohammad Salehi: A United Nations Cultural Advisor Turned Entrepreneur

    Having grown up in a farming family in western Afghanistan, Mohammad Salehi’s choice to sell Afghani saffron was a natural one. However, his journey to get to this point may surprise you. After graduating high school in Afghanistan, he embarked on a career as a cultural advisor for the United Nations in 2009. In 2013, he decided to immigrate to Chicago where he founded Heray Spice. Among many other accomplishments, he was granted the honor of being a member of the inaugural Eater New Guard class—an award given to culinary workers who make positive contributions to their communities.

    Support Diversity in the Food Scene

    At Here Here Market, we strive to uplift culinary creators from all walks of life. Buying this Afghani saffron is a great way to support Afghani family farmers and a growing small business. Each and every purchase makes a difference. Food naturally brings people together, and our goal is to push that philosophy further by highlighting the efforts of a diverse range of chefs and entrepreneurs from our vibrant local community and all across the globe.

    Enjoy the Finest Things in Life

    A tiny pinch of saffron can really elevate your favorite recipes, so don’t wait to pick up some Red Gold for your kitchen! While you’re here, be sure to browse all of our unique, high-quality culinary products and food gifts—this Afghani saffron is just the start of your delicious journey! Discover hidden culinary gems, support diverse creators, and enjoy good food with good people. Shop Here Here Market!

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