Shakshuka with Oven-Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes

Have you been seeing shakshuka all over your favorite brunch spot menus? Learn how to make this easy (and insanely delicious) dish at home featuring Tomato Bliss’ Oven-Roasted Green and Yellow Heirloom Tomatoes! The combination of eggs with a tomato base, plus chilis for some extra heat, will have your mouth watering before you can pull this dish from the stovetop.

This flavorful breakfast staple comes to us from the Libyan-Tunisia region and the word shakshuka roughly translates to mean “all mixed up”. After North African immigrants moved to Israel, many suffered financial difficulties and relied on this hearty dish comprised of eggs, vegetables, and bread to feed themselves and their families. It quickly became a household favorite and is now one of the most popular dishes in Israel. As it has gained notoriety throughout the world, different variations of this recipe have emerged including green shakshuka - which is made from spinach, mangold, and cream.

If you have not made this dish before, here are a few tips for ensuring the best dining experience. Like many egg dishes, this one will not be good reheated, so be sure to eat it fresh and hot right after cooking. Also, you will want to make sure the egg yolks are creamy, not runny, and that the egg whites are cooked through. Lastly, you can substitute the Hatch chili for any green chili if spice level is a concern.

Traditionally, shakshuka is served with a side of warm pita bread, challah, or naan that can be used to dip into the tomato and egg mixture. For a modern update, try pairing this dish with grits, breakfast potatoes, or cucumber salad. Want to add a little extra kick? We recommend adding in Super Sauce Hot Sauce, SydPlayEat’s SydSauce Original, or Galit’s Everything Bagel Spice Mix - the perfect pop of flavor to any egg-based dish!


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