Mulled Wine

Consider this beautifully complex mulled wine recipe one of our staple recipes this winter season. An array of dried fruits, nuts, a full-bodied Malbec, and Rumi Spice's Traditional Mulling Spice Blend come together to create this well-balanced cold-weather staple you can enjoy with friends at home or sip on as you curl up with your favorite book. Either way, this warm cocktail can be made in four easy steps and only takes 35 minutes to whip up eight to ten servings!

Trying out this recipe at your next gathering? Pair this sensational mulled wine with a delicious snacking board for the ultimate small bites and beverage combination! We recommend enhancing your classic snacking board with unexpected picks like La Fournette's Chocolate-Covered Almond Vanilla Spritz Cookies, Carolyn's Krisps' heavenly Cheddar Krisps, Rollicking Buckaroo's addicting Medium Pepper Jam, and Chia Leah's Rosemary Boost Clean Crackers - a new take on their original Clean Crackers that is packed full of antioxidants, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Guests won't be able to get enough of these unique, artisan-made food picks from local small businesses that are even tastier than they look.

Looking for other easy-to-make cocktails you can enjoy from the comfort of your home? Browse our stellar selection of cocktail kits from local favorites AirBar26 and Aged & Infused. These hassle-free kits come with everything you need to assemble bar-quality cocktails - just add in your favorite spirit! For all our Bloody Mary fans, AirBar26's Mild Bloody Mary Kit and Classic Bloody Mary Enhancing Kit are a simple way to jazz up this quintessential brunch beverage. Add their custom seasoning mixes to a glass of quality vodka and Clamato juice for an otherworldly cocktail experience. Fruity cocktail lovers will enjoy the flavorful Blue Sunday and Navel Grazer Alcohol Infusion Kits from Aged & Infused. Inspired by traditional cocktails, these signature infusion kits come with a glass jar with custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients, and a recipe for easy mixing.


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