Mexican Cowboy Chili

This standout Mexican Cowboy Chili from Chuck of New Lenox, Illinois is a meaty recipe fit for a true vaquero. Smoky chiles, ample ground beef, and The Spice House's Tellicherry Pepper make for a hearty and savory stew. In case you needed any more reasons to start making this NOW, this chili recipe is also an award winner! In 2017, it won first place at the 6th Annual FFLA Chili Bowl. Whether you're looking to feed a large group or just want a yummy meal prep option you can eat over and over again, this recipe is for you.

As with most chili dishes, the spices are the true star of the show and you will want to be sure to use quality blends in this recipe. The Spice House's Tellicherry Pepper aka "black gold" seasoning was once treasured by the Ancient Egyptians and today, it has made its way into kitchens all over. To maximize their rich fruitiness, these extra-large berries are left to ripen longer on the vine. Outside of this dish, the coarse grind is great for dry rubs, salads, and in a grinder on the farmhouse table.

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