Lemon Thyme Vegetable Frittata

Are you tired of your same go-to breakfast ideas? Add some excitement back into your morning routine with this eggcellent Lemon Thyme Vegetable Frittata! This delicious egg-based dish sounds much more complicated than it actually is and is an easy way to improve your AM in a healthy, and fun way. Simply add your favorite market fresh veggies and top with the secret ingredient, Pixie Dust Salts' Lemon Thyme Sea Salt, for a meal as packed with nutrients as it is with flavor. The concept of a frittata may sound intimidating, but trust us, this simple recipe is great for home chefs of all skill levels.

Where did the frittata originate? This dish can be traced back to Italy and is affectionately referred to as an “Italian omelette” due to its similarities to our classic breakfast offering. The word itself roughly translates to “fried” and was originally used as a general term for cooking eggs in a skillet. Nowadays, the word is used mainly to refer to this specific type of dish!

Pro tip: Pair this meal with one of our ridiculously addicting caffeine offerings! Monday Coffee Co.’s Cold Brew Coffee is a must-have for all the iced coffee lovers out there. This bright and fresh coffee blend is perfect after diluting with a bit of water and pouring over ice. Add your favorite milk or dairy substitute and sweetener for a delightful morning beverage that will wake even the earliest of risers.

Not much of a coffee fan? Try Tasting India’s acclaimed Cutting Masala Chai for a creamy and rich cup of tea. This special blend of India’s favorite beverage is made with whole spices, lemongrass, and rose petals mixed with bold Assam tea for a unique flavor combination that is sure to awaken the senses.

We can’t wait for you to try this delicious dish!


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