Lemon Pepper Wings Drizzled With Hot Honey

Temperatures are starting to drop, leaves are beginning to change, and football season is finally back! Make sure your guests are well-fed with these mouth-watering lemon pepper chicken wings drizzled in Hot Habanero Honey. The peppery-based dry rub featuring Pixie Dust Salts' Lemon Thyme Sea Salt perfectly balances the sweet and spicy kick from the honey drizzle. Your family, friends, and fantasy football league will thank you as they sit back to enjoy the game with their favorite brew and this unforgettable recipe. Say goodbye to your run-of-the-mill buffalo wings and hello to this flavorful chicken dish that serves restaurant quality vibes at home.

This six-ingredient recipe is easy to prep and toss in the oven as your prepare other dishes or tidy up. It also utilizes a lot of common household seasonings to create the dry rub and does not require a grill or special kitchen appliance. To ensure your wings get extra crispy in the oven, we recommend evenly coating each wing in seasoning and flipping them over halfway through the cooking process.

For a lovely upgrade to this already delicious dish, serve these wings with a side of tasty bbq sauces! We recommend this trio of dipping sauces from one of our local favorites, Babygold Barbecue. Their Amber BBQ Sauce is smokey and inspired by the Memphis region of barbecue. The Red BBQ Sauce provides a classic barbecue flavor with strong notes of black pepper that pairs well with the lemon pepper seasoning featured in this recipe's dry rub. Lastly, their Gold BBQ Sauce is a Carolina-style sauce with a strong emphasis on the vinegar and mustard flavors. All three of these are truly outstanding on their own but even better for dipping wings. Serve all three and let guests decide what their go-to Babygold sauce is!


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