Crispy Pan-Seared Whitefish with Hazelnut Duqqa

We love how easy it is to whip up this crisp, flaky, and perfectly seasoned fish at home for a healthy dinner option that is sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Serve with a side of your favorite grain, like basmati saffron rice (we cannot recommend Heray Spice's Afghani Saffron enough), couscous, or quinoa, and some seasonal veggies for a well-balanced and filling meal. Pro tip: don't forget the lemon wedge for a much-needed kick of citrus. This pan-seared whitefish is best enjoyed al fresco with a chilled glass of white wine on a warm summer evening.

The key to this recipe is all in the seasoned panko breadcrumb coating, which helps keep the fish moist and from drying out or becoming tough while cooking. Its breading also provides most of the dish's flavor thanks to Galit's raved about Hazelnut Duqqa! Chef Engel of Galit created this outstanding savory blend, his own spin on a traditional Egyptian blend, which is a little bit salty, very nutty, and packed with fresh, citrusy herb flavors. It is addicting when used in this recipe as well as simply mixing with some quality olive oil and using as a dip with a fresh loaf of crusty bread.

Besides being exceptionally delicious, this seasoning blend is also a yummy way to get a taste of an important piece of Chicago's restaurant scene, Galit. This Lincoln Park neighborhood gem opened in 2019 and was just awarded its first Michelin Star!!! They are the first Middle Eastern Chicago restaurant to be awarded this credential and now everyone can enjoy a piece of their award-winning magic at Here Here Market. After giving their Hazelnut Duqqa a try, grab a jar of their phenomenal Everything Bagel Spice Mix, a pantry staple for spicing up your breakfast sandwiches, roasted vegetables, or creamy salad dressings - literally anything!


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