Craveable Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Looking for a spring refresh in your kitchen? Try out this bright and delicious Lemon Olive Oil Cake! We loved trying out this rising cake trend we have been seeing all over social media and the internet for ourselves and the results were beyond our expectations. The flavorful olive oil and citrusy lemon cake is moist, decadent, and the purest definition of springtime on a plate. We're not kidding, the first bite alone will transport you to warmer days basking in the sunshine as nature awakens. The substitution of olive oil for butter in this recipe makes it an all around healthier alternative to your classic Lemon Pound Cake and is ideal for dairy restrictive diets!

Since it is in the name and a major contributor to the taste and texture, be sure to invest in a high-grade olive oil, like our Raw Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Village Batch! This oil is made from Koroneiki and Manaki olives sourced from small-scale farms in Arcadia, Greece. These two local olives create a medium-bodied olive oil, fit for all uses, and perfect as the base component in this cake. Be forewarned, cutting corners with your olive oil will be sure to mess with the overall quality of your cake.

Want to add some more dimension to this dish? Try pairing a slice with our Sicilian Pistachio Spread from acclaimed retailer Beca Imports! Their exquisite Sicilian Pistachio Spread is made from green pistachios from Bronte, Sicily and is best enjoyed smothered on your favorite baked goods (or on its own by the spoonful!). The nutty and not too sweet contrasts so well with the citrus, tart, and earthy flavor profile of this cake. If you end up loving this recipe as much as we do, give it your own spin and try adding some lavender syrup or fresh blueberries into the mix!


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