Classic Pancakes

Special mornings are made even more magical with the addition of these uber delicious (and healthy) stack of pancakes. Make breakfast in bed for the one you love with the help of our LusOasis gluten-free, vegan pancake and waffle mixes. Available in four tasty flavors, Raw Chocolatey, Gourmet Spicy, Sweet Savory, and Tomato Basil, this range of plant-based packets feature clean and simple ingredients while taking refined sugars and sweeteners out of the mix. These pancakes are a great base for adding all the delectable and unexpected toppings your heart could desire such as Beca Import's Sicilian Pistachio Spread, La Fournette's incredible Hazelnut Spread, Nutmeg's Pecan Butter, or your favorite seasonal fruit! For a more classic flavor pairing, pick up one of our exclusive Chicago Maple syrups to drizzle (or pour) all over your pancakes.

Pair a stack of these tasty pancakes with Gaslight Coffee Roasters' Ethiopia Suke Quto Coffee for an enjoyable blend of notes of lemon drop, earl grey, and apricot. Gaslight Coffee Rosters has been roasting delicious specialty coffees in the Logan Square neighborhood since 2012. All of their coffees are high-quality, ethically sourced, and a delight to true coffee fanatics. Not a coffee fan? Try Gaslight Coffee Roasters' rich and nutty Drinking Chocolate made from single-origin Dominican Republic Zorzal cocoa for an extra sweet addition any dessert lover would be thrilled by.

Looking for a savory alternative? Try LusOasis' Sweet Savory mix to create tasty waffle breakfast sandwiches. Throw on some fresh avocado slices, a fried egg, bacon, your go-to cheese, and your favorite hot sauce (our recommendation: this Peach Habanero Hot Sauce from Pickled Prince) for a restaurant-quality breakfast of champions right from the comfort of your home. You'll want to keep these waffle and pancake mixes stocked around the clock for extra cozy and memorable breakfasts and brunches at home.


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