Buffalo Chickpea Dip

This creamy and light buffalo dip is the perfect springtime twist on one of our favorite classic dips! This plant-based and vegan alternative to the usually dense dip is light and creamy thanks to the recipe's secret ingredient, 8 Track Foods' Organic Blonde Chickpeas, which helps add in a lot of essential nutrients and cuts down on some of the fat and heaviness of a traditional chicken and cheese-based buffalo dip. Additionally, this versatile dish can be served up warmed or chilled with toasted pita, tortilla chips, or a fresh veggie crudité on the side, and is completely dairy free! Guests will instantly fall head over heels for this ridiculously craveable appetizer that takes no time at all to whip up.

For this delicious recipe, we recommend using Super Sauce's phenomenal Super Sauce Hot Sauce for the perfect balance of flavor and heat that won't melt your face off. This fermented hot sauce is made with an exceptional blend of chilis and gives off a unique umami flavor at the end from the fermentation process. After you've used some in this recipe, you will love adding Super Sauce to your hot wings, morning eggs, or homemade smash burgers. It truly is the everyday hot sauce made for everybody!

If you are looking to keep this recipe relatively low on unnecessary additives, pair this recipe with Chia Leahs' bestselling Clean Crackers, a simple combination of seeds and a little bit of spice that are full of flavor. These clean crackers are also full of antioxidants, protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help fuel your body. Or try it with Carolyn's Krisps' Cheddar Krisps for a touch of cheesy goodness. These plant-based crackers are cheezy, buttery, krunchy, and krispy, with a subtle hint of spice at the end, and the perfect vessel for this Buffalo Chickpea Dip.


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