Bloody Maria: The Tequila Bloody Mary

This mouthwatering Bloody Maria recipe comes from The Spice House's Evanston store manager, Chasity Marini. Chasity prefers to use Del Maguey tequila for this crowd-pleasing recipe. The Vida variety is the most versatile, but if you want a real smoky version, try using Chichicapa instead. You can use any tequila you like, but a smokey mezcal is what makes this drink a Smokey Maria. To make this Bloody Maria a filling cocktail and snack option to enjoy while you're watching the game, lounging poolside, or during Sunday brunch, add an assortment of hard cheeses, dried meats, and pickles as an extra special garnish to this drink. Family and friends alike will love this unique take on a classic breakfast beverage!

Did you know the one-of-a-kind Vulcan's Fire Salt blend featured in this recipe is named for Vulcan, the Roman god of fire? It owes its spicy, deep flavor to a secret ingredient discovered by The Spice House's founder many decades ago. Outside of this recipe, you can enjoy this all-purpose blend right next to your traditional salt and pepper on the kitchen table. We recommend sprinkling it on popcorn, garlic bread, scrambled eggs, or in place of hot sauce on your favorite dishes. You'll also see The Spice House's Celery Salt featured in this recipe!

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