How Here Here Market Supports Local From Anywhere

At Here Here Market, we are building a better way for you to support culinary creators, entrepreneurs, and local chefs. We do the work of finding the people and food that local communities are raving about, and make it easy for you to discover and buy from them 24/7! No longer do you have to drive hours to access must-have restaurant products, exchange DMs and meet in parking lots for pick-ups, or limit your access to local products to the weekend farmer’s market. With Here Here Market, you can get quality products delivered to the comfort of your home.

How are we doing this? There are three principles that guide everything we do.

Curated Selection

We are deliberate about what we offer and are guided by defined criteria. These include:

  • Expert Creators: We only work with locally-relevant food entrepreneurs and chefs. This includes restaurants who’ve productized favorite items, independent chefs who’ve jar, bottled, or bagged their talents, and small-batch producers you may see at a farmer’s market!
  • Partners, Not Vendors: We personally vet and establish working relationships with our partners. This allows us to provide product feedback and assist in bring you the best, new items they are making.
  • Quality Products: We taste EVERYTHING before we bring a product onto Here Here Market. First and foremost, we want to make sure you are getting a quality, good tasting product. Most of our products are made with real ingredients, minimal processing, and many are crafted with specific dietary needs in mind.

Creator Support and Community 

We make it easy for our creators to do what they do best—make high-quality food! We are here to support our creators in bringing their products to market and getting them in YOUR hands to enjoy. A few of the ways we do this.

  • E-Commerce storefront: We provide a digital storefront for each of our creators to showcase their products and their stories. This digital storefront integrates to the primary Here Here Market Shop page so you can easily search and find what you are looking for!
  • Fulfillment and Nationwide Shipping. We help our creators get their products in your hands, no matter where you are. By providing fulfillment and nationwide shipping support, you can access a range of quality products 24/7 without paying individual shipping rates for each vendor.
  • Community and Connections: We’ve built a community of resources and connect our creators for help on a range of important items. Whether its packaging, labeling, or learning from the experience of other creators, we believe deeply in facilitating these community relationships.

Discovery & Connecting

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we make it easy for you to discover the best new local or chef-driven items and connect with the creators!

  • A La Carte Shopping: Whether you are looking for a specific item, a certain creator’s product line, or searching to discover something new, we’ve got you covered. With over 800 products (and growing), there is sure to be something amazing for you to enjoy!
  • Collaborations & Bundles: Our curated baskets and creator collaborations make excellent gifts (or simply great selections to buy for yourself!). We pair your favorites with new items we know you’ll fall in love with and want to order again and again
  • Creating community: When you subscribe for our newsletter and follow along on our social media channels, such as Instagram, you get the first views into new products, collaborations, and the backstories behind your new favorite creators.

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