Here Here Market is Redefining Corporate Gifting in the Culinary Creator Space

By: Taylor Dean

With the holiday season approaching, researching gifts for friends, loved ones and employees is in full swing. According to an article by Bedbible, the holiday season accounted for 51 percent of the most popular business gift-giving occasions. Having accelerated dramatically since 2020, more and more corporations are referring to online marketplaces and gift-giving platforms in hopes of finding high-value gifts that show their employees that they care. Corporate gifting proves to be a seemingly small, but impactful, way to improve professional relationships — serving as a key method of staying connected to employees, consumers and partners. 

This is where Here Here Market comes in. Launched in August 2021, Here Here Market is a marketplace for culinary creators to sell their goods to foodie fans nationwide. Some of our top-sellers are our carefully curated gift boxes. What is a better way to make someone smile than with food and drink items you know they’ll love? From value-based gift baskets, like supporting female founders, to the perfect cocktail kit, we make gifting deliciously easy year-round.

While everyone wishes for a seamless gift-locater and ordering process, like Here Here Market's, that is not always the case. Synchrony reports that many challenges arise from a low variety of gifting options, especially for those who are tackling the task on their own without the assistance of a gifting program or customer service representative. According to their study, 48 percent of those surveyed manage corporate gifting efforts internally, without a gifting platform. The top four issues cited include: inability to purchase gifts from multiple brands/retailers (33%), limited choice attributes such as color and size (32%), managing gift inventory, storage and shipping (30%) and limited range of products (28%). By ordering your gifts through Here Here Market, you'll be able to tackle each of these issues in a cinch. 

Creme de la Creme Gifting Box

To no surprise, Synchrony’s research also found that both physical and digital gift cards are projected to be the most popular corporate gift this year. However, gift bundles came at a close second. With more thoughtful sourcing, gift bundles could surpass gift cards as they offer a more personal touch. Carefully-curated gift baskets are a great opportunity to tie in the CEO’s personal taste, the company’s ethics and shared values, or to tell a story about the passions of the founders or corporation. With a few hand-picked or pre-assembled goodies, corporate holiday gifting can be a memorable time for all team members, partners and clients.

Since Here Here Market’s launch in August 2021, we have curated and released about 30 gift baskets for all reasons and seasons, from supporting Black-owned brands and Hispanic founders, to gifting the perfect Pantry Starter Pack for new homeowners. Our most popular gift boxes include our Female Founders Food Collection and our Exclusive Restaurant Tour: Chicago Edition to send a taste of the Windy City no matter where your gift receiver lives.

With an overwhelming amount of gifting options to choose from, having a specified budget is key to narrowing down the search. On Here Here Market, our gift boxes are built for every budget, from $20 to over $200. We also make it easy to put together your own custom gift box, whether it’s choosing individual items on the site with our gift wrapping, or working closely with our team to curate a box for you. 

Unboxing gift box Here Here Market

With that price range in mind, it’s important to note what exactly employees are seeking after and expecting this holiday season. Employees and loved ones alike desire gifts that make them feel special. Mass gifting tends to have the opposite effect as it’s less individualistic, but it’s still possible to give your employees something thoughtful. So what makes your corporate gift special?

Bedbible reports that sustainable gifting, work-from-home and self care packages, and curated gift boxes are what people are prioritizing. From a corporate perspective, gift cards, wine, food, spa and curated boxes are amongst the most popular corporate gift categories for clients, whether to re-engage those who have gone dark, welcome new business, or simply enhance employee relationships. Keeping in mind that corporate gifting also reflects your brand, Postal reports that 45% of millennials will share their gift on social media — bonus points for online brand awareness!

Additionally, people connect to stories — so sharing gifts that have a meaningful backstory makes it a memorable experience. Ensuring your gifts have a story to tell solidifies the relationships in your workplace, and shows employees that you put thought into this season’s corporate gifting. This is why in every Here Here Market order, we include insert cards that tell the story of each product and creator, and why they are so special. This is also clear from our value-driven gifts, such as our AAPI Creators Basket or our many Female Founder boxes you can choose from.

As you get ready to purchase your corporate holiday gifts or otherwise this year, keep Here Here Market in mind—we help you show off your great taste. To get started, head to our Corporate Gifting page or reach out to us directly at

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