Discover Here Here Market’s 6 Best Corporate Food Gifts

Here Here Market offers the best corporate food gifts for high-end clients, colleagues, and corporate events. With a wide variety of unique, curated products, we have gift packages and artisanal foods to suit everyone’s tastes. Want to create a custom bundle? Get started on our Corporate Gifting page, or choose from the Gifts currently available. Don't know where to start? Here are six incredible choices for you to consider:

1. Female Founders Food Collection

With our Female Founders Food Collection, your gift will showcase some of the best Chicago has to offer. This gift basket includes an enticing mix of items from the city’s female food industry leaders, including coffee, pasta, granola, and so much more. It’s a perfect gift for high-end clients that enjoy a little variety.

2. Elevated Italian Essentials

The rich comfort of Italian cuisine is a staple to almost everyone's winter menu. The simple, fresh ingredients within our Elevated Italian Essentials collection from local chefs, small batch producers, and independent importers will help any home chef create paramount flavors. Your clients and colleagues can either us this package to host the ultimate dinner party or save it all to create their personal Italian escape.

3. Sauce, Spice, and Everything Nice

Whether your client is a foodie, an experienced chef, or a novice in the kitchen, our Sauce, Spice, and Everything Nice collection is a perfect gift. Bring the spice (and sauce) of Chicago to your clients across the country, and they’ll make extraordinary food with this artisan food gift basket.

Plain and Everything bagels on a baking tray

4. BāKIT Box Combo Baking Kit

Our Bākit Box Combo Baking Kit is the ultimate gift for high-end clients who love to bake. In this culinary gift basket, we have included everything necessary to make both mini empanadas and everything bagels. From the recipe to the ingredients, all they’ll have to do is put the parts together to make something truly amazing!

5Amp Your AM: All the Caffeine Please

The Amp Your AM basket includes an incredible collection of breakfast staples and unexpected caffeinated beverages. This perfectly curated selection of one-of-a-kind items is sure to get your client’s day started off right, making it one of our favorite corporate food gifts for the holiday season and beyond.

Have a client or co-worker who prefers just coffee or just tea? We’ve got them covered, too! Our Amp Your AM Coffee Kit and Amp Your AM Tea Kit provide all the goodies they can expect in the All the Caffeine Please Basket, minus the drinks that they might not like!

6Tiny Tour de Chicago

Inspire your client with globally-influenced ingredients that will transport them all over the world from the comfort of their own home. The Tiny Tour de Chicago package features the best of the best from Chicago restauranteurs and is guaranteed to elevate any holiday meal preparation game.


Start Your Holiday Shopping with Here Here Market

Here Here Market features some of the best food gifts for corporate gifting. Whether shopping for a client, co-worker, or a team of dedicated employees, our selections add spice to their culinary adventures. Ready to find the perfect gift? Explore our selection to find exactly what you need.

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