Bring The Heat: 12 Chicago Hot Sauces to Keep You Warm

Chicago may be the Windy City, but we’ve got enough spice on the menu to warm your heart - and mouth. Check out these 12 locally crafted sauces and tag us on Instagram with any Chicago hot sauces we missed!

Super Sauce

This fermented hot sauce is designed to pack lots of flavor from chilis (without melting your face off) and give you a bit of umami flavor from fermentation.

Spicy Cilantro Mint Chutney In White Bowl

Bombay Sauce Co.

Owned by Bombay Wraps, this company is sharing their signature sauces in 12 oz bottles - get at the Spicy Cilantro Mint Chutney or Bombay Fire!

Hot G - Gravylady

Ghost peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, and red pepper flakes soaked in olive oil make this fresh giardiniera a favorite among spice addicts.



Flo Fuego Verde Hot Sauce

Flo Cafe and Bar

Get a touch of the Southwest! Choose from Flo’s signature Fuego Verde or Fuego Rojo - limited bottles available.


SydSauce is made with only four premium ingredients (including dried truffle!) and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Fish And Oyster Hot Sauces Smoulder Burn

GT Fish & Oyster

Giuseppe Tentori has created three signature hot sauces for guests to take home: Smoulder, Burn, or Scorch. Email to order.

Hot Sauce With Chicken

Ina Mae Tavern

Get a deep South kick with a bottle of Chef Jup’s Hot Sauce or sweeten the meal with Jup’s Hot Honey. Your taste buds are taking a trip down to NOLA!

Baker Miller Hot Sauce

Baker Miller

This All-Day Cafe loves to share love through bold and beautiful food. Add an extra tasty kick to any of your baked goods!

This Little Goat

If you’re looking for that extra kick to your meat or veggies, look no further than “this little goat went to korea” to cover your tangy and spicy needs.



These folks believe that food is just a vehicle for sauce! The company sends 50% of its proceeds to fund nonprofit education programs.

Antique Taco

Get a bottle (or a pint) of the Habanero Hot Sauce made with an apple-cider vinegar and carrots combo. The potency hits you from the smell alone!

Harold's Chicken

Founded in 1950, Harold’s is an essential part of Chicago history. Get a bottle of Mild or Hot Sauce by ordering online from the Downtown location.


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