5 Unexpected Ways to Use Chimichurri

Yes, chimichurri and steak are a pair made in grilling heaven, but this Argentinian condiment is much more than a one-hit, meat-match wonder. Spice up your menus with these 5 unexpected, but ridiculously addictive ways to use chimichurri. Get some of Tango Sur’s infamous chimichurri when you snag our Summertime Chi Collection (while supplies last) and try out one of these recipes!



There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of ways to make potato salad, aka the beloved summer side. But let’s be honest, most of the recipes are mediocre and tend to call for drowning chunks of diced potato in one-dimensional pools of mayo. It’s time to transform your next spud salad from “meh” and ordinary to “oh wow” and extraordinary. How? Just add chimichurri and stir. Yup, it’s that easy.



DELI-WORTHY Sandos at Home

We all know that your favorite local sandwich spot (shout out to J.P. Graziano and Hoagie Palace!) can make a sandwich that is 100x better than anything you can whip up at home, but when you’re in a pinch and are craving a more elevated experience between two slices of bread, just simply mix chimichurri with some mayo (we love Kewpie). Good bread plus a solid meat to cheese to condiment ratio always helps too ;)


What’s better than Boursin? Chimichurri whipped into your next fresh log of chevre. Even if Boursin or goat cheese isn’t your jam, full-fat fresh ricotta, fromage blanc, or even cream cheese will do the trick. Toast up some slices of baguette, spread it with the mixture, drizzle a little extra chimichurri on top, and you’ve got yourself a very easy (yet impressive) app!


AMP UP YOUR AM, Argentinian-Style

Is your go-to a few dashes of hot sauce on your BEC (Bacon Egg and Cheese sammy) or scrambled eggs in the am? Then you’re going to LOVE a few dollops of chimichurri as an addition to your morning plate-o-protein.


JK, that would be gross. Just wanted to keep you all on our toes. But ice cream’s savory partner-in-crime: pizza would be AWESOME with chimichurri drizzled on top. Especially if you have a veggie pizza or anything topped with dollops of burrata.


Moral of the story: chimichurri should be in your fridge at all times. Shop our Summertime Chi Collection and enjoy!

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