Bombay Chili Crunch by Tasting India
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Finally a worthy South East Asian contender for the hottest trendiest condiment. Using three different chilies, crispy shallots, garlic, and a variety of ingredients from Tasting India's spice rack, this Bombay Chili Crunch celebrates the land of spices - India; while offering you a condiment that is familiar yet flirty! A complexity of umami-rich layers, just a spoonful will transform basic into brilliant.

Expect delicate notes of sweet shallots juxtaposed with the sharpness of crunchy garlic and savory curry Leaves. A careful balance of three different red chilies, each playing a crucial role in the building of flavor, is accentuated by Tasting India's house-made spice mix boasting notes of anise, treacle, molasses, smoke, and chili.

Nutty, fruity, spicy with lemony undertones yet deeply savory, this is the essence of Bombay in a jar! A symphony of flavors that you won’t be able to resist putting on everything.

Drizzle it over Pizza, mix it into a pot of lentils, stir through a bowl of greek yogurt or grace your cheeseboard to jazz up your party platter. Savory baked brie with Bombay Chili Crunch anyone!? It's even great on toast, in your burrito, on dumplings, or a quick weeknight fried rice - the possibilities are endless.

Product Size: 4 oz.

Serving Size: 1 tbsp

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Shallots, Garlic, Curry Leaves, Spices

Allergens: Vegetarian

Shelf Life: 2 months unopened. Store in a cool dark place unopened. Refrigerate after opening

Chef Jasmine of Tasting India
made with love by
Chef Jasmine Sheth, Tasting India
Chef Jasmine Sheth is a James Beard Foundation grant winner and creator and chef of Tasting India; a weekly culinary adventure where she creates a flavor rich Thali highlighting a different Indian Regional Cuisine.

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