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Thanks for visiting Here Here Market, where you’ll find a wide variety of unique, gourmet food online sourced directly from local Chicago creators. A paradise for gastronomes and casual eaters alike, we’re thrilled to carry culinary products from innovative creators with a serious passion for the finer things. Discover the incredible local food Chicago has to offer—we’re bringing the Windy City to the rest of the world!

488 products
Immunity Tonic by First Curve Apothecary
Immunity Tonic
First Curve Apothecary
Weather Feather by First Curve Apothecary
Weather Feather
First Curve Apothecary
Chaga Mushroom Extract by First Curve Apothecary
Chaga Mushroom Extract
First Curve Apothecary
Mini Empanadas with Berry Jam Baking Kit by BaKit Box
Mini Empanadas with Berry Jam BāKIT Box Kit
Xoca Original Prebiotic Soda Nutrition Label
Original Cacao Fruit Soda (Pack of 2)
Mild Bloody Mary Kit from AirBar 26
Mild Bloody Mary Kit
Red BBQ Sauce Nutrition Label by Babygold Barbecue
Red BBQ Sauce
Babygold Barbecue
Saffron from Heray Spice
Afghani Saffron (1 oz.)
Heray Spice

Diverse Products Made by Diverse Culinary Purveyors

Food is a language of love that invigorates all five senses and brings people together. Our goal is to support our hyper-local community by connecting culinary creators with the epicures who truly appreciate their craft, as well as folks who just want to enjoy something special outside of the usual fare. Shop our gourmet food online with confidence, knowing you’re supporting diverse culinary talents from all walks of life.

Curated Gifts and Experiences

We make it easy for you to order exciting food made with artisanal ingredients, but that’s just the beginning. We encourage you to try our online culinary events for a world-class experience that connects you and your crew directly with culinary creators. We also offer exquisite gift boxes to make those special moments in life extra special. From corporate events with colleagues to virtual happy hours with your besties, good food creates fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Ready to get started? You really can’t go wrong with any of our culinary products — we recommend trying them all! At Here Here Market, we’ll always go above and beyond to ensure that you’re absolutely delighted with your purchase. To inquire about personalized events, products, or anything else under the sun, feel free to get in touch! Discover hidden culinary gems, support local creators, and taste the delectable local food Chicago brings to the table.

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