SydPlayEat's Easy Black Truffle Hummus

Got a hummus craving? Sure, you could run to the grocery store and buy a tub. Or you could use fresh and simple ingredients to make SydPlayEat's easy hummus in just 10 minutes! 

What is so special about this hummus? It's flavored with SydSalt, a black-truffle sprinkle packed with umami, and topped with SydSauce, to enhance those truffle and pepper flavors with a little spice. 

Throw the few ingredients in your food processor or blender, and watch how simple it is to make a gourmet dip worthy of your next gathering!

Created by Sydney Poll, SydPlayEat is a line of spices and sauces with a mission to bring flavor to your home-cooked meals, with an emphasis on healthy and high-quality ingredients. Check out the rest of the SydPlayEat line on Here Here Market!


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