Peanut Thai Noodle Summer Salad by Fueled by AF

Picture this: the sun is beating down, the cicadas are chirping, and your stomach is growling after a day at the beach. No way you want to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen!

Enter: Fueled by AF's peanut Thai noodle summer salad. A refreshing combination of a rainbow of veggies, a luscious homemade peanut sauce, and rice noodles, this healthy and filling meal is served cold and just right for an al fresco dining session. Even better? You can easily eat leftovers the next day! Your takeout cravings may finally be curbed.

Fueled by AF was founded by Angelica Ford (thus the AF), with a focus on wellness and healthy sweet tooth cravings. Shop Angelica's line of nut butters and protein bites on Here Here Market.


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