Chili Oil Crisp Deviled Eggs by HOT JIANG®

"For many years, deviled eggs have been a classic starter dish and appetizer for the holiday time, especially Thanksgiving. It’s bite-sized, quick to make, and delicious. As an immigrant family though, we’ve always brought our own cultural dishes to the table. So, when it’s Thanksgiving, our table isn’t just a typical American spread—it’s a fusion of cultures. You’ll find Asian dishes on the table right next to turkey and mashed potatoes, or even an Asian twist on American dishes like this chili oil crisp deviled eggs recipe.

Speaking of chili oil crisp—it’s a family staple, our secret sauce (that’s not so secret anymore if you’ve tried HOT JIANG®!). We add it to pretty much everything from noodles, fruits, desserts, and more. So, one holiday season, we thought: “Why not try it with deviled eggs?” A lot of people add chili oil crisp to their morning eggs, so using it in deviled eggs just made sense. And I’m so glad we did because the savory umami and spice paired so well with the other flavors. It instantly became a family favorite!

This recipe became a symbol of what the holidays mean to us. It’s a way for us to celebrate our immigrant experience, appreciate the blend of cultures, and acknowledge how food connects us all across cultures." - Kelly Mi Li


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