Easy Baked Taco Dip

Hot apps and football go together like...hot apps and football! Our ooey-gooey Hot Taco Dip is peak comfort food and a great shareable dish to serve larger groups of people. The well-seasoned 'taco' filling layered with fresh chopped veggies, the right kick of spice, and tangy sour cream is a killer combination and an ideal dish for enjoying a fun fall afternoon filled with Sunday football. We love how easy this dish is to throw together before company arrives and how satisfied everyone will feel after devouring it. Be sure to pair the dip with your go-to tortilla or corn chips and serve to guests right out of the oven, as the cheese is bubbling. For all our low-carb friends out there, sub out the chips for a side of raw celery sticks, baby carrots, and bite-sized cauliflower pieces. Equally as delicious and slightly more nutritious.

What is the secret to our baked dip recipe? Super Sauce Hot Sauce! This truly addictive fermented hot sauce is made with a special blend that will take your tastebuds on a wild ride filled with notes of chili and umami. Fair warning, once you start upgrading your dishes with this fantastic hot sauce, you won't be able to stop. This condiment is a yummy addition to all types of eggs, buffalo wings, and as a spicy enhancement to your classic burgers and brats - we seriously cannot get enough of it.

As an added bonus, we've incorporated Cocoa Chili Spice Blend into the ground beef to pump up the flavor. This spicy and sweet seasoning blend mixes together cayenne, smoked paprika, and brown sugar for an unforgettable and tasty combination. Once you have enjoyed this recipe, we guarantee you will be looking for any excuse to use this seasoning in all your favorite lamb and steak dishes.



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