4-Ingredient Slow Cooker Brisket

This four-ingredient beef brisket is succulent, flavorful, and an easy way to enjoy restaurant-quality BBQ at home without a smoker! With only a slow cooker and some phenomenal ingredients from a few of Chicago's best culinary talents, you can bring the tastes and smells of summer into your own kitchen and enjoy with friends and family in your own backyard.

We start this recipe by using fan-favorite Argentinian-influenced steakhouse, El Che's, raved about Chief Firewatcher Seasoning Salt as a dry rub for this pristine cut of meat. This essential seasoning blend features Spanish Smoked Paprika, Fennel, and a variety of other mouthwatering spices. Enjoy sprinkling this seasoning on EVERYTHING - roasted veggies, potatoes, burgers, and vegetarian protein alternatives for an extra punch of flavor.

Next, we pile it all into the slow cooker, including some bomb BBQ Sauce. We call out Soul & Smoke's dynamic Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce in this recipe, but please feel free to browse our other equally as tasty sauces - like Babygold Barbecue's Red BBQ Sauce, Amber BBQ Sauce, or Gold BBQ Sauce! From a classic peppery taste to a Carolina style, vinegary, mustardy sauce, our summer sauce lineup is unmatched and any of these would be a great pick for this recipe.

Pro tip: add some unexpected garnish options on the side when serving this tender beef brisket to guests! Try adding some Pickled Red Onions and Picnic Pickles, both from our master pickler, Pickled Prince, as a tangy addition. This is an especially good pairing if you are using a sweeter BBQ sauce to marinate the meat. Or try it with CO>OP Sauce's Poblano Mustard if you are turning these into sandwiches or sliders. The spicy kick from the roasted Poblano peppers makes this more than just your ordinary mustard that will leave your tastebuds thoroughly satisfied.


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