Unbothered Foods: Revolutionizing Snacking with Dietitian Morgan Murdock's Gut-Friendly Creations

In the dynamic realm of culinary innovation where health and taste intersect, Morgan Murdock emerges as a standout. As a registered dietitian and the innovative founder of Unbothered Foods, her approach to gut-friendly snacking is distinctive. Morgan's mission transcends snack creation. She aims to transform our food consumption perspectives with her profound passion for nutrition science and a dedication to promoting healthy eating habits. Here Here Market proudly supports Morgan's vision, showcasing Unbothered Foods as part of our commitment to championing creators who are making significant contributions to healthier eating and sustainable practices.

Tackling Dietary Challenges with Gourmet Solutions

Morgan's specialization in gastrointestinal health has illuminated the challenges faced by individuals with chronic gut conditions, often leaving them bewildered by the dietary restrictions imposed upon them. The low-FODMAP diet, while effective, can result in a sense of deprivation due to the limited compliant food options available.

The Genesis of Unbothered Foods

Driven by a desire to address this gap, Morgan founded Unbothered Foods with a clear mission: craft delicious, 100% sourdough products that soothe sensitive digestive systems, ensuring that consumers' bellies remain content and "unbothered." This initiative transcends mere business. It's a platform for Morgan to share her belief in the joy of unencumbered eating.

Addressing Common Queries: The Gluten-Free Misconception

A recurring question Morgan encounters is whether Unbothered Foods' products are gluten-free. While crafted with gut health in mind, they are not gluten-free due to their wheat content. Contrary to common belief, it is still beneficial for gut health, providing essential prebiotic fiber. The traditional fermentation process of their sourdough crackers aids in making them more digestible, offering an option for those with gluten sensitivities (though not suitable for individuals with celiac disease).

Understanding Sourdough's Digestibility: The Heart of Unbothered Foods

At the heart of Unbothered Foods is the age-old craft of sourdough baking. Simple, wholesome ingredients like flour, water, salt, and olive oil are fermented for 24 hours using a traditional sourdough starter. This process, eschewing commercial yeast, not only lends a distinctive flavor and texture to the crackers but also significantly enhances their digestibility. This makes them particularly suitable for those with IBS, gluten intolerance, or sensitivity. The true magic of sourdough unfolds during fermentation where the "mother" starter fosters the growth of beneficial microorganisms, including yeast and lactobacilli. Lactobacillus, celebrated for its gut health benefits, is instrumental in rendering sourdough products gentler on the digestive system. Consequently, this fermentation not only boosts the nutritional value of the crackers but also underscores their gut-friendly appeal.

Morgan's Favorites: A Glimpse into a Dietitian's Snack Drawer


Morgan delights in the versatility of Unbothered Foods' offerings, from savoring the Cheddar & Chive crackers by themselves to pairing the No Garlic, Garlic variety with a slice of sharp cheddar, or dipping the Sea Salt crackers in creamy hummus. Her personal snacking habits, which include indulging in a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of dry red wine in the evening, reflect the balanced philosophy of indulgence and well-being that Unbothered Foods embodies.

Here Here Market celebrates the opportunity to partner with creators like Morgan Murdock who not only bring exceptional products like Unbothered Foods to the table but also embody the values of health, innovation, and culinary excellence. We're honored to support Morgan's journey and to offer our customers the chance to experience the delightful, health-conscious creations from Unbothered Foods.

Embrace the unbothered lifestyle with Unbothered Foods, where each bite is a step toward a happier, healthier you.

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