Let’s Get Snacking: Unique Snack Ideas for Kids & Adults

Person preparing a tray of snacks

If snacks fall behind only dessert as your favorite food category, you’re in good company. From popcorn at the movies to chips and dip at home, there’s nothing better than sitting back and chowing down—there’s even a whole month dedicated to it!

The truth is, though, that not all snacks are created equal. Many snacks are processed, lack true nutrition, and contain health-sabotaging ingredients. And after a while, they can become boring to pack in your lunch day in and day out.

Fortunately, it is indeed possible to indulge in snacks for the family that are both healthy and delicious. Here’s a rundown of our favorite unique snack ideas for adults and kids alike!

Garlic dill pickles in a jar

Bring On the Salt

Are you a salty-food craver looking for snack ideas for adults or children? Consider adding garlic dill pickles to your favorite snack stash. With their vinegar brine containing dill and fresh garlic, these pickles make the perfect standalone snack and an excellent addition to your favorite pasta salad or potato salad for lunch!

Not much into pickles? Cheddar crackers, like the ones from Carolyn’s Krisps, are a fun way to enjoy a dash of salt and cheese—arguably everyone’s favorite food group. Feel free to crunch them, dip them, enjoy them with fresh fruit (for the kids), or enjoy them with a beer or wine (for the kids at heart).

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Do you have a hard-to-satiate sweet tooth? Don’t worry—we’ve got a number of sweet snack ideas for adults and children that will get the job done.

Chocolate-covered almond vanilla spritz cookies

Take, for instance, these Chocolate-Covered Almond Vanilla Spritz Cookies. If you’ve never been to France, popping one of these savory artisanal snacks in your mouth will instantly make you feel as though you’re soaking up the French Riviera. And the bonus? You’ll feel like you’ve made it to chocolate heaven.

And then, there’s granola. Sweet, crunchy, irresistible granola. Look for granola that features delectable fruits like cranberries, as well as seeds, nuts, cardamom, and the savory spices of cardamom and star anise for that afternoon pick-me-up.

Snack gift box

Embrace Variety in Life

If you haven’t settled on certain snack ideas for adults or children, consider treating yourself to a subscription gift box that delivers high-quality snacks to you on the regular. 

The best subscription boxes make snacking easy by pairing crunchy, salty snacks with condiments like salsa verde. You can also find snack boxes that pack sweet flavor in every bite, with fruity jerky and pecan butter that even the little ones will enjoy!

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