F. U. Larry's Mango Hot Sauce

F. U. Larry's SKU: 010-0255-020
Best by 12-02-2025
F. U. Larry&

F. U. Larry's Mango Hot Sauce

F. U. Larry's SKU: 010-0255-020
Best by 12-02-2025
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Experience the explosive flavor and heat of F.U. Larry's Mango Hot Sauce, their signature best seller. This mango-infused hot sauce delivers a tantalizingly sweet and fruity flavor that transitions seamlessly into a fiery heat, elevating the flavor profile of any food you pair it with. Crafted with a blend of ghost pepper, Carolina reaper, habanero pepper, carrot, and garlic, this sauce packs a serious punch that will leave you begging for more.

It's the perfect condiment for those who like to walk on the wild side and aren't afraid to embrace the heat and the hate. So go ahead, give your taste buds the thrill ride they deserve with F.U. Larry's Mango Hot Sauce. Whether you're drizzling it on your favorite tacos, burgers, or wings, or mixing it into your favorite dips and marinades, this hot sauce is sure to take your culinary creations to the next level. Try it on everything: popcorn, wings, avocado toast, fries, pizza, stir-fry, oysters, mac & cheese, tacos, deviled eggs, salsa, soups, etc. A short list would be what it's NOT good on!

Product Size: 5 oz.

Serving Size: 1/2 tsp.

Ingredients: Distilled White Vinegar, Carrots, Habanero Pepper, Mango, Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Allergens: N/A

Shelf Life: Store at room temperature for up to 20 months; no refrigeration needed

made with love by
Lawrence Baer
Welcome to the story of F.U. Larry's Hot Sauce: a product born out of friendship, culinary mastery, and the determination of one man. Over thirty years ago, a group of three friends came together with a passion for creating a new and unique hot sauce. With one member being a master chef, the group had the confidence and skills to develop a complex and delicious recipe. With the help of a few other people, they were able to produce 180 bottles of their new hot sauce to test out amongst friends, family, and local bars. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but sadly, one of the friends, Larry, had to move away. Despite the move, Larry was determined to carry the torch for this dream. Upon discovering a nursery that sold Carolina reapers and ghost peppers, he couldn't believe his luck. He bought a few of each and headed to Bucktown, where he planted them in his backyard. To his amazement, the plants thrived in his small Chicago backyard. Larry used his harvest to update the recipe he and his friends had initially created, resulting in the soon-to-be-famous hot sauce that we know and love today. F.U. Larry's Hot Sauce is more than just a product. It's a testament to the power of friendship, passion, and perseverance. Try their hot sauce and taste the story behind it.
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