Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries

Janie's Mill SKU: 010-0033-060
Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries - Here Here Market

Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries

Janie's Mill SKU: 010-0033-060
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Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries - This ancient whole grain from Janie's Mill is rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamin B6, potassium, antioxidants and amino acids. Its unique appearance — more similar to rice or orzo than modern wheats — reflects its ancient origin. Einkorn means “one-kernel’”, and refers to the way this ancient wheat grows, with one single grain per spikelet. 

Einkorn wheat is one of the earliest cultivated wheat varieties, and may have been harvested as long as 30,000 years ago, according to archaeological evidence from Syria. Einkorn has a higher percentage of protein (14.4%) than modern red wheats and has higher levels of fat, phosphorus, and potassium, making it more nutritious. It contains lower levels of gluten than modern wheats. and some people who are gluten sensitive may be able to consume Einkorn.

It can be soaked to sprout or added into bread or grain used in stews or salads.

Protein: 14.4%

Product Size: 1.5 lb.

Serving Size: 1/4 cup

Ingredients: Einkorn Wheat

Allergens: Wheat

Shelf Life: 12 months from milling. Please refrigerate upon arrival.

made with love by
Ross and Harold Wilken, Janie's Mill

Ross Wilken, and his father Harold, opened Janie’s Mill in 2017 as a natural extension to their farm, Janie’s Farm. They stone grind locally grown, certified organic grains into nutrient dense flours and grits. Janie’s Mill sources 95% of their grain from Janie’s Farm, and the remaining 5% from select certified organic farms in Nebraska, Montana and New York. All Janie’s Mill grain is U.S. grown. They stone grind all of their grain at a cool temperature to preserve the nutrition of the whole kernel.

The flours retain all of the bran and germ, with their essential oils, proteins, vitamins and minerals intact. Not only are the stone-ground, organic, whole-kernel flours nutritionally superior, they taste better. Janie's Mill is dedicated to improving the health of their people, their 18 employees, and their land. The relationship between Janie’s Farm, partner farms, and Janie’s Mill results in an unusually short supply chain which helped them weather the extensive surge in demand for flour sales during the height of quarantine period of 2020, with ease. At one point Janie’s Mill was fielding almost 500 orders a day. At no point did they run out of flour.

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