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    Alina Tompert of Zimt Bakery

    Zimt is a unique bakery born out of a true love for Zimt (cinnamon), and a deep desire to bake a better world with sustainable creations that spread the love. Specializing in German pastries including Plätzchen (cookies) made with the highest quality local, organic, fair trade ingredients and packaged responsibly in fully compostable or recyclable packaging, always 100% plastic free.

     Zimt was born out of the #BakersAgainstRacism social movement of 2020 that called bakers far and wide to raise money for global social justice causes. Using treasured recipes handed down from her Oma Doris through four generations, our Baker-in-Chief, Alina realized her calling to continue to spread love and positive change through baking. This intersection of purpose—raising money for causes that matter, loving the earth and all of its bounty, and taking inspiration from German tradition—is baked into the heart of everything we do at Zimt.

    We believe that doing good for the planet and for our community does not conflict with running a successful business. Every choice we make at Zimt puts the wellbeing of our world first. It’s our way of spreading even more love than our delicious cookies already do. That is why we are a carbon neutral company, offsetting our minimized footprint annually.

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