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    You’re craving Indian tonight. What do you do? You reach for Wazwan's flavorful achar to whip up the best Indian entrees you’ve ever tasted! These condiments, created by the one-and-only Chef Zubair Mohajir of Wazwan Chicago, are an incredible way to take any dish—Indian or not—to a whole new level. Experience the difference when you shop achar online!

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    Chef Zubair Mohajir cooking

    Enjoy Unparalleled Flavors from Wazwan

    Chef Zubair offers a generous dose of delicious South Indian flavors with his online collection of achar. In his own words, “food is the language of love and memory,” and his cooking is a culmination of his heritage, life experiences, and extensive culinary training. These achar pickled condiments are a labor of love, made from a range of fruits and vegetables that have been preserved in oil and Indian spices. Add them to rice, lentils, tacos, sandwiches, and even Chicago hot dogs for a unique flavor experience you won’t want to miss!

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