Mambo Yote Coffee Bundle

Mambo Yote Coffee Bundle

Mambo Yote Coffee Bundle

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Mambo Yote - Enjoy all three of Kikwetu's specialty grade coffees with this order. All three coffees have a unique story and a wonderful taste profile that will take you on an amazing journey. Why choose when you can have it all. This purchase allows you to experience the different taste profiles for our three coffees. We recommend using a pour over, French Press or Percolator to uncover the unique tastes of each one.


Three 1 lb. bags:

  • Boma: Boma is roasted medium dark and has bright acidity, well balanced body with slight chocolate and vanilla notes. This coffee works splendidly as a dark roast and for espresso.
  • Gakurari: Gakurari is also a medium roasted specialty coffee that is bold and rich with notes of Blackcurrant, Cherries and a hint of honey.
  • Kibano: Kibano is a medium roasted coffee with Strawberry and lemon, fruity acidity with a distant hint of chocolate. This one is indeed a special one - processed using the natural processing technique to deliver an amazing taste profile.

Serving Size: Depends on how strong you prefer your coffee.


  • Boma: Freshly RoastedSpecialty Grade, Single Origin Kenyan Coffee
  • Gakurari: Freshly Roasted, Specialty Grade, Single Origin Kenyan Coffee
  • Kibano Freshly Roasted, Specialty Grade, Single Origin Kenyan Coffee

Allergens: None

Shelf Life: 1 month. Store beans in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature to preserve it's fresh roasted flavor.

Martha and Leecox of Kikwetu Coffee Companymade with love by
Martha and Leecox, Kikwetu Coffee Company
They are a Kenya-born, Chicago-made coffee company that focuses on specialty-grade Kenyan Coffee. They offer freshly roasted beans, coffee-infused beverages and world-class catering services in Chicago.
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