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7 products
Coffee and Chai Duo from Tasting India
Coffee & Chai Combo
Tasting India
Brass Coffee Filter and Drinkware Bundle Kit
Tasting India
Brass Coffee Filter
Tasting India
Coffee and Masala Chai Drinkware Set
Tasting India
Tasting India Bundle Kit
Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle Kit
Tasting India
Complete Tasting India Experience collection
Cutting Masala Chai from Tasting India
The Complete Tasting India Experience
Tasting India
Masala Duo from Tasting India
Maharashtrian Goda Masala from Tasting India
Masala Combo
Tasting India

Tasting India, created by James Beard Foundation grant winner Chef Jasmine Sheth, offers an adventure of Indian regional flavors. Order a wonderfully flavorful Masala or a number of other products. Tasting India is a queer, POC, and woman-owned business helping you explore Indian cuisines in your own kitchen!

Chef Jasmine of Tasting India Tasting India is a queer, POC and woman owned business and has been featured in The Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Eater, WBEZ/NPR and other publications.

Tasting India boasts a line of homemade spices and Masala Chai blends, with more spice blends being added soon! Chef Jasmine also offers a weekly culinary adventure where she creates a flavor rich Thali highlighting a different Indian Regional Cuisine each week. Woven together with her personal stories of growing up in India, her weekly menus are like a rich cultural scavenger hunt! She releases a new menu each week, via her Instagram.

Chef Jasmine aims to shed light on the lesser known regions of India, with a dual goal of educating diners about the variety of Indian cuisines beyond Butter Chicken and Naan, but to also help folks feel a sense of adventure and exploring different parts of the country even when they're unable to travel! Each menu accompanies a brief history and/or cultural context behind the dishes, sometimes she also goes off script and releases delicious treat boxes chock full of amazing Indian snacks and sweets 

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