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    2 products
    Mini Candy Boxes by Susie's Sugar Buzz
    Mini Candy Boxes
    Susie’s Sugar Buzz
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    Individual Candy Boxes
    Susie’s Sugar Buzz

    Susie Riskind Thompson of Susie’s Sugar Buzz

    Susie’s Sugar Buzz believes that life should be lived in technicolor—and that memories should melt sweetly on the tongue like a sprinkling of sugar. Their colorful candy boxes and boards (made from only the freshest confections around) are custom curated for both kids and adults—for road trips, party favors, graduation fêtes, large-scale entertaining, and more. Or, quite frankly, for no reason at all other than because having a stash of candy makes you happy. And, as it turns out, sharing their good-time treats is even sweeter.

    Susie Riskind Thompson has always embraced the sweet life. As a Chicago native who’s passionate about making every moment count and savoring new experiences, it’s no surprise that her journey, both personally and professionally, has culminated with Susie’s Sugar Buzz, your go-to source for candy curations big and small that deliver smiles and feed the soul. “There’s something about dessert and, in particular, candy that has the magical ability to bring people joy,” says Susie.

    She should know: Susie cut her teeth in media and public relations at Shureberger and Wagstaff Worldwide, representing the top chefs behind some of Chicago’s most influential restaurants and hotels—a career lane she thrived in for 14 years at her own firm, RRPR, too. “The savory side of the menu is an expression of your craft, but it’s the dessert section where I would always see chefs dial up the fun factor.”

    Today, Susie is tapping into her expressive side with a sweet take on the charcuterie board and themed candy caches that elevate any entertaining spread—and, of course, bring on the smiles.

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