Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle Kit

Tasting India SKU: 010-0004-090
Tasting India Bundle Kit

Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle Kit

Tasting India SKU: 010-0004-090
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This beautiful Coffee and Masala Chai Tasting Bundle is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones! 

Whether you need a caffeine kick or a rich, cup of calm, Chef Jasmine has the bold, fresh beverage for you! Her premium Kaapi (coffee) and Chai blends are crafted to delight and bring a little piece of India to your mug. 

But what better than having the complete Traditional Tasting kit with the Coffee Filter to make the Coffee in and the Drinkware Set to enjoy your Tea or Coffee.


  • Brass Coffee FilterThis beautiful and elegant brass coffee filter is perfect for making traditional fresh Indian filter coffee. This coffee filter is traditional to Southern India and brews an aromatic cup of coffee. It's design is similar to devices that brew Vietnamese coffee! The infusion is obtained by percolation brewing and the resulting brew/decoction is thick and strong- often stronger than espresso or drip coffee.
  • Brass Drink ware Set: This beautiful coffee and masala chai hand-crafted drinkware set is the perfect and most elegant way to enjoy your chai or coffee. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in this beautiful tumbler and davara. It is best enjoyed when making authentic South Indian style filtered coffee using the brass filter. The tumblers are the cups where you sip your coffee from. Davaras are wide cups with lipped walls, which help mix the ingredients evenly, cool your coffee, and aerate the coffee mix.
  • Cutting Masala Chai (1.75 oz.) Introducing India's favorite drink, this Masala Chai blend is made with the family's coveted chai masala and has generous amounts of whole spices, Lemongrass and Rose Petals mixed with bold Assam tea. The small batch production translates to the highest quality of chai in your cup!
  • Cardamom Filter Coffee (1.75 oz.): The beverage of choice when in South India, this strong, milky coffee decoction is made with a traditional coffee filter. The infusion is obtained by percolation brewing, the resulting decoction is thick and strong and makes for a delicious cup of coffee. What makes filter coffee so special is the blend of coffee and chicory. The addition of roasted chicory not only helps elevate the flavor but also helps retains water well, thus resulting in a prolonged percolation which helps extract extra goodness from the coffee! Chef Jasmine has infused the coffee with Cardamom, her all time favorite combination, which makes the resulting decoction have this floral nuttiness to it which is so enjoyable. It is best brewed in the brass coffee filter. 

Serving Size: Serves 2 (The Coffee and Tea packs make about 8 cups)


  • Cutting Masala Chai: Loose Leaf Assam Tea, Dried Rose Petals, Dehydrated Lemongrass, Dehydrated Ginger, Spice Blend
  • Cardamom Filter Coffee: Coffee, Chicory, Cardamom

Allergens: N/A

Shelf Life: Store in a cool, dry place for 6 months. Do not store under bright lights or in sun.

Care:  Use only soft sponge to clean. Keep away from corrosive liquid or abrasive scrubbers. 

Chef Jasmine of Tasting India

made with love by
Chef Jasmine Sheth, Tasting India
Chef Jasmine Sheth is a James Beard Foundation grant winner and creator and chef of Tasting India; a weekly culinary adventure where she creates a flavor rich Thali highlighting a different Indian Regional Cuisine.

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