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Pasta Pappone

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Pasta Pappone creates some of the best handmade pasta Chicago has to offer! The company’s flavored pasta delivers an elevated take on traditional Italian cuisine, thanks to the addition of masterfully blended spices, herbs, and vegetables. The whole family is sure to adore the rich flavors, and you can feel good serving up pasta lovingly handcrafted with fresh, all-natural ingredients. #NoPlainPasta

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A Family Business with Homegrown Roots

Every meal or snack tastes better when you know you’re supporting a family-run business! In 2011, Jon Mulholland became well-known for selling his flavored pasta at a local farmers’ market in Chicago. Demand grew, and Pasta Pappone was born. In 2019, Mary Beth went from helping out at farmers’ markets and shows to running the company full-time. Today, they’re still doing what they love—raising their family and making handmade pasta in Chicago!

Help Local Creators Grow

This wonderful brand’s story is just one of many in our city and all over the world. We’re passionate about introducing hungry folks to unique, high-quality food and drink products made by skilled culinary creators from Chicago and beyond. Our goal is to support a diverse group of chefs and small business owners who are doing their part to invigorate the food scene, one mouthwatering recipe at a time.

Stock Your Pantry with Your New Favorite Pasta

Pasta Pappone does pasta right. Once you try their varieties, you might never go back to the box! The best food and the best memories go hand-in-hand, so treat yourself and your loved ones to something special. While you’re here, be sure to browse all of our culinary products and food gifts—there’s something for everyone. Discover hidden culinary gems at Here Here Market!

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